Today I heard someone say that we should respond to things not react. This may seem like the same thing, but I believe I understand what the difference is.

I have known for some time that when I say things out of emotion I later regret what I said. This provides a lot of material for my worries (I wonder how that person will react when they hear what I said?). I admonish myself not to say things out of emotion, but emotion always comes, and it seems like it cannot be controlled.

However, If tell myself to formulate a response rather than a reaction this process comes to mind:

1) Should I say anything at all? – When I react because of emotion (we just found out we have to work this weekend!) the reaction is bound to be negative. If I open my mouth to formulate a response, I sometimes realize that there is nothing constructive for me to say. Most emotional reactions are just “diarrhea of the mouth”, useless words spewed out into the world by me to no benefit to anyone including myself.

2) What do I hope to gain by my response? – Again, this stops most responses because, since I should accept all situations and never expect anything, why am I bothering to respond at all? So, unless I am going to say “I refuse to work this weekend”, I should probably not say anything at all. Note, that I have to accept the consequences of my “response” not to work, but I am free to have that response...

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It’s been nearly two months into this “Stuff-Happens” way of life, and like with most things in my life, I sometimes do it and sometimes I don’t.

I generally find myself slipping back into old ways (planning out everything and expecting for things to go the way I planed), and then when faced with some fearful situation, I remember to just say “Stuff-Happens” and have acceptance of whatever happens, and the fear goes away.

So it’s nice that at any time I can use this technique, and no matter how long it has been in disuse (usually less than a day, I have a low pain threshold), it works just as well every time.

I can’t say that about my diet. I recently got on the scale and it read 217. Now, at 5’ 8” that is about 30 pounds overweight. 8 years ago I was at 245, but only 6 months ago I was at 206. As I usually do, I swore off cheating on my diet and renewed my resolve to “act right”. Of course, I have to be honest with myself and realize that I always slip up and eat a 2500 calorie meal here...

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