According to dictionary.reference.com : Tragedy - a lamentable, dreadful, or fatal event or affair; calamity; disaster: the tragedy of war.

I had a recent situation with this web server. The database server was locked up and refusing any connections. I do not know why this was happening and the reason it rose to the level of Tragic, is that I planned to launch a commercial venture on the server and having it lock up for unknown reason dashed this dream. The loss of a valued dream is very tragic if the dream is your own.

I had to stop at the time and think “This will one day pass. In the future you will be happy again”. At the time this is a thought that is hard to believe. I could only know this truth intellectually. If my dream is truly gone. If I am never able to figure out why the server keeps crashing (I can’t launch the commercial venture if I don’t know what is wrong with the server. Paying customers would be very angry if the server keeps going...

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Is it possible to seek out Chaos to avoid worry?

Could every encounter with, uncertainty and chaos, enrich us and provide evidence that we are able to survive it?

Our anger is always because we do not like a situation the way it is. When we don’t know how something is going to be (actually we never really know how something will be), we anticipate the situation being ‘something that will not want’, and we fear this possible future event. Basically, we fear the unknown, and the future is always unknown.

Ignorance is Bliss Perhaps a happy person, is a person who thinks, temporarily at least, that they CAN see the future and that future holds good things for them.

For example, lets say I have just found out I have won a large amount of money. This feeling is so overwhelming that my anticipation of all future events is seen through a reality that consists mostly of this powerful amount of money. I anticipate problems that will easily be solved by simply spending the money.

I then...

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