Several times a day I say to myself:

“This moment is a Blessing”

No other moment, not the future or the past, but ‘this’ moment

It is not that there are no problems (all my problems are in the future), but that this moment is actually a good thing, a blessing because I am alive, and right now I ask for nothing more

I can only enjoy something if I am grateful for it, so I am grateful for my life… my life right now. I may have a terminal illness but right now, this moment I am alive, it is that I am grateful for. Anything I am grateful for is a blessing to me.

When I see this moment as wonderful (see what I did there, I added ‘wonderful’ because ‘blessings’ are such a good thing) I don’t want, this moment, to be spoiled with Fear or Anger

When I make decisions, in this moment, without Fear or Anger, I make decisions that are very different than I would otherwise

I am able to feel Peace

I am...

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