After months of meditating on it, I have concluded that fear will never go away. It will always show up, somehow.

Fear is an emotion, and like all emotions it passes. The challenge is to not make decisions based on these fears because these decisions are usually unwise and are only explainable if “I did it because I was afraid” is used as a justification.

The thing we fear the most is anything that threatens our ego. Our ego is our sense of ourselves. We fear anything that threatens this, because if we lose our sense of ourselves, what remains?

The solution to this dilemma is to practice humility. Humility is a “…modest opinion or estimate of one's own importance”. If we do not resist the truth of who we actually are, we don’t need to fight to constantly defend it. We don’t have to fear what we accept.

Acceptance In All Things In regards to all fears other than fears directly related to ego (however, the underlying...

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