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Stuff Happens. Accepting it is the key to happiness.

All the "Fear" we have is because we anticipate losing something that we don't want to lose. This can be as simple as "I want things to stay the way they are now, I fear that things will change". Therefore, any fear we have will go away if we let go of the underlying "want" or desire.

And, we ALWAYS have the choice to let go of ANY desire.

Of course we all have desires...

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Today I was thinking about an email I sent. I sent some material in error and I figure it will be pointed out to me later. Setting aside that the only "problem" is an anticipated bruised Ego, I started to feel worried about the situation, so I just said "I screwed up, Stuff-Happens" and I got a bit of relief.

But not completely.

Darn, I want to be completely "Worry Free", so I needed to dig a bit deeper and figure out what wasn't working and most importantly, to "do something" that will make this worry, no matter how small, go away.

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Four times this week I had "anxiety flare-ups" and every time was because of ego. I define an anxiety flare-up as anytime I have the feeling of being scared for no reason. It usually lasts only moments but during these times the feeling is felt deeply and completely.

At these times, thinking "Wow look I don't feel good right now. Hey, Stuff-Happens", actually keeps me from making things worse (projecting into the future that I will always feel this way and getting worried and depressed by the thought). However, I started to dig deeper as to why these useless feelings arise...

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As I share this concept of 100% acceptance with others, the question comes up "what do you mean by acceptance? If I get fired from my job that is a bad thing. Trust me I wont like it". If you look up the definition of acceptance, you will find a number of them, so for the sake of brevity (I can see myself reading this years from now and I will be thankful that I quickly got to the point), I will define it as "lack of anger at the situation".

The definition of anger is usually defined as "anytime something we expect to happen doesn't happen" or just "anytime we are disappointed".

An unexpected lottery win

Well now wait a minute, if that lottery ticket I bought, that I never expected to actually pay off, suddenly hits and I win a million dollars, that will be unexpected but I promise I wont be angry!

However, when we check the numbers and that lottery ticket has proved to be as worthless as the one last week, our true feelings come out and we indeed are a bit angry the heavens have not realized how special we are and granted us this small boon. As foolish as it seems to be, we expected to win and we are angry that we didn't.

However, we get over our anger in less than a minute because we remind ourselves, "what the heck was I thinking? a million to one odds, of course I didn't win!"

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I do believe that the principal of "the opposite of fear is faith" is correct. Here is basically how it works:

  1. There is a "Higher Power" that will always take care of you.
  2. You have "faith" in #1
  3. When anything happens, you just say "it's ok that I lost all my money, if all that matters is serving my Higher Power I can just devote the rest of my life to helping the poor if needed."
  4. On your deathbed you have no fear because you will finally reside with your Higher Power forever (this is why you don't even fear death)

Now lets put aside all the arguments of "is there a higher Power at all?" and "even if there is a Higher Power, how do we know that  #2 and #4 are true?". The point is I can confirm from my personal experience that #1 and #2 will provide a lot of relief from worry and stress.

The problem is that #1 and #2 do not always "stay with us". You can "feel the faith" at the beginning of the day, but later that afternoon you "feel differently". When that happens the fear and the anxiety return with full force. Usually, deep prayer and meditation combined with a trip to your local house of worship can get you back on track, but even then you can find yourself lying awake at night worrying about how you're gonna make the mortgage payments.

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This site will feature content about one subject. I expect to have the opportunity to generate thousands of words on this one subject and never once run the risk of running out of more things to pontificate on the subject.

The subject is "Freedom From Worry". The solution, I believe to be, is "Acceptance". There you can now close your web browser or move on to another web site.

So why continue? Well, as some say, "the devil is in the details". Many questions may remain such as, "accept what?".

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