5/5/2020 Admin

I Have Thoughts of Fear - But I am Not Afraid

As I began my work day I am consumed by an overwhelming fear of dread.

That some unknown situation would transpire to cause me mental pain.

Perhaps my feelings would be hurt by a co-working expressing disappointment in me.

Perhaps an emergency will transpire and cause me anxiety and more fear.


My Thoughts Are Not Reality

Continuing with the meditation that my thoughts are not to be taken as reality, I considered that just because I am having fearful thoughts, that does not mean that *I* am in fear.

This requires me to define what *I* means.


I am Always The Observer

This takes me to humility. If I take the truly humble position, I am always the observer of what is going on in my mind and the world around me.

I can direct my mouth to open and my body to take actions, but, I cannot fully control anything, even my own thoughts.

Therefore, these thoughts, that I cannot control, are not *me*.


I Just Have Thoughts Of Fear

So, these are just thoughts. That yes cause me to feel emotions, but, they will pass.

I do want to consider that perhaps these fearful thoughts are warning me of something so I can prepare.

In this case, they are just random thoughts that are not based in any true situation.

Plus, whatever happens, I will have to be Responsible (simply respond sensibly), anyway.

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