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This moment is as good as I will allow it to be

This moment is as good as I will allow it to be. However, attachments block me from this moment with their expectations. These attachments are the source of all my suffering. However, I must not confuse pain with suffering.

Pain is mandatory, it happens, I must accept it, however, suffering is optional. I always have the choice to let go of an attachment to a person place or thing that is the source of the suffering.

An attachment to anything brings with it an expectation. My anger and disappointment is always tied to an expectation that has not been met. My depression is always related to dissatisfaction with the way I perceive things to be that do not meet with my expectations of the way I feel they should be.

All I really have is the moment. I must always accept this moment for what it is, the way it is now. I always have this choice. Therefore, I always have the choice to be happy in any situation, even at the moment before my death.

Most people are not willing to let go of all attachments. However, is this a humble attitude? Am I basically saying that there are some things I won’t accept in this world as they are? Do I really have a choice, really? If so, how well has that been working out for me?

There is a difference between acting humble and being humble. Both have their advantages. Acting humble eliminates a lot of problems. Being humble brings joy.

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