12/7/2014 Admin

Fear Requires Ego

“I am not much but I am all I think about.”

Our view of ourselves is our Ego. It is how we define ourselves in the world. It is composed of our beliefs. This can be positive or negative. I can see myself as important or as nothing. Those seeking spirituality learn to recognize that in fact we are all just a part of the entire universe. When we see ourselves as anything more (or less) than that, it is our Ego telling us something that is artificial and not true. We can actually change it by changing our beliefs.

Fear requires the Ego. It is what sees our “problems” as being the most important thing in the world. We believe that if this project at work is not completed on time, all hope in the entire world is lost. It is the Ego that inflates our importance in the universe and the importance of whatever problem we may be experiencing (or think we will experience when projecting into the future).

All fear, even the fear of death, can be altered by altering our beliefs about our position in the universe, our Ego. As to death, we are all going to die, we know this. Why then are we so scared when we receive a fatal diagnosis? Perhaps it is that we knew we were going to die, but we did not want to die now? Again, what about our beliefs in our position in the universe, our Ego, that led us to believe that others will die on this day but not us?

Acceptance relives us of anxiety and fear. We can accept that what our Ego tells us is false and therefore the fear fueled by the Ego is also false. Without the Ego to support it, our fear goes away.

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