2/6/2014 Admin

Figuring Things Out

We go through the day and try to order everything in our minds:

  • My boss will do this and say this
  • My co-workers will do this and say this
  • This will happen when I go to the store
  • The washing machine will do this

When things don’t happen as we expect, our lack of acceptance causes stress. Even worse we imagine what would happen when things don‘t go our way, and the stress we feel is as bad as if it were actually happening.

There is no end to the anxiety, fear, and stress we can build up from this.

Instead we can refuse to figure things out. Recognize and accept the true chaos of life.

Yet, we resist this suggestion.

We feel these things we want we should have, we deserve. We don’t care that the driver next to us should be allowed to go in front of us, they better not cut in front of us on the freeway. No one should get anything from me, better than me, disagree with me, especially when I have, in my mind, figured things out.

When we don’t get these things we feel sorry for ourselves. We are being self-centered.

When the pain of our disappointments, our lack of acceptance, gets bad enough we will be motivated to change, to surrender.

  • The world does not revolve around us
  • We can care about other people
  • We can help other people
  • We can accept everything

When we do we will have relief.

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