1/22/2014 Admin

Being Grateful To Combat Depression

It was suggested that one could stop once an hour all day long and think about the things one can be grateful for at that moment.

Anxiety, fear, and the emotions they bring are inside our head. We think it is about the external things but it is only in how we perceive the external things that is the problem. It is our thinking that is bringing us pain. Specifically it is our resistance to the way things are that is our problem, not the specific thing we are being resistant to. One could lose their job in one situation and be depressed because they feel they will never find a new one, and in another situation be happy to be moving on from a bad situation and confidant they will find a new one. The feelings felt are the result of thinking that is shaped by perception.

The perception is shaped by negative thoughts (resistance) or positive thought (acceptance).

It can be hard to not think negatively , however, nothing stops you from thinking positively , it is always available to you if you have the willingness (and depressive episodes can provide the pain and motivation to be willing!).

What one may find surprising is that it is possible to always have plenty of things to be grateful for at any time. As you stand there being reprimanded at work you can be thankful that you still have a job. As you walk out of your job after being fired you can be thankful that you have a skill and the ability to work. As you train for new skills you can be thankful that you have the opportunity. As you sit on the park bench you can be thankful for the day, the moment. As you lay in the hospital bed, fatally ill, you can be thankful for the acceptance that you feel and are at peace.

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