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Desire: The Source Of All Fear

It occurred to me that the core of every fear is a desire. My greatest desire it to be free from any pain, physical or emotional.

If something does cause me pain, it does not meet my expectations that I will have my desire, and anytime my expectations are not met I become angry.

If a person causes me pain I become angry at that person and develop a resentment toward them.

If my anger rises and gets out of control I experience rage.

A Choice

It may feel as if fear, anger, rage are things that happen, and that I have no way to stop them when they take control of me. However, I do have control over the root cause, the desire.

I have the ability to let go of any desire. The desire can be just to have a quiet day with no distractions. Yet the phone keeps ringing and people make demands. I can simply let go of that desire. Accept that I cannot have a quiet day.

I can also accept that I cannot avoid being hurt. I can accept that people will say things to me that are not nice. Yes this is a big price to pay, but what I get in return is freedom from the fear that this desire will not be met.

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