4/8/2020 Admin

I Know My Thoughts are Not Reality (Part 2)

Each day, when I write my Gratitude List I now include this line:

I know my Thoughts are Not Reality

I am “Grateful” for this, because without this knowledge I would be trapped in a Belief System that was constrained by the false belief that what is inside my head is actually real, and must be dealt with as such. There would be no Winning here because my mind is capable of producing practically any thought and by conservative estimates I figure about 99% of these Thoughts are untrue/incorrect.

My brain just produces Thoughts. It can’t stop. I must accept this.

However, worse, I can’t-control-these-thoughts!

If my brain wants to come up with unpleasant thoughts (“everyone in my family will die of the virus and leave me alone”), there-is-nothing-I-can-do-to-stop-these-thoughts!

Dealing With Thoughts

This is how I try to deal with my Thoughts in order of importance:

  1. Do not make decisions based on my Thoughts
  2. My Feelings are real, but they are mostly based on my Thoughts… so see #1
  3. Feelings always pass (and yes they always return), so don’t make any decisions based solely on A Feeling
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