11/11/2009 Admin

Works Only When You Work It

It’s been nearly two months into this “Stuff-Happens” way of life, and like with most things in my life, I sometimes do it and sometimes I don’t.

I generally find myself slipping back into old ways (planning out everything and expecting for things to go the way I planed), and then when faced with some fearful situation, I remember to just say “Stuff-Happens” and have acceptance of whatever happens, and the fear goes away.

So it’s nice that at any time I can use this technique, and no matter how long it has been in disuse (usually less than a day, I have a low pain threshold), it works just as well every time.

I can’t say that about my diet. I recently got on the scale and it read 217. Now, at 5’ 8” that is about 30 pounds overweight. 8 years ago I was at 245, but only 6 months ago I was at 206. As I usually do, I swore off cheating on my diet and renewed my resolve to “act right”. Of course, I have to be honest with myself and realize that I always slip up and eat a 2500 calorie meal here and there, and that basically explains the number I am currently looking at on the scale.

Past transgressions do matter when you’re trying to lose weight. Spiritual improvement seems to be a better deal because the past simply doesn’t matter. You can remove all fear “right now” and the past fear does not matter.

The Catch

But it appears “spiritual improvement” has a big catch. If I stick to 1500 calories a day for 24 months strait I will undoubtedly lose all the weight I need to. I can cheat for a week and I wont be all the way back up to 217.

However, If I say “Stuff-Happens” and live worry free for 24 months strait, I can be debilitating depressed in an instant if I simply say “I will not accept this situation. I have a right to be mad and I am going to just stay angry depressed and fearful”.

I can’t “build up credits” that can be “cashed in” later. So I guess I have to take the good with the bad on this aspect, and accept it.

Oh that's nice, I can always just say “Stuff-Happens” and remove fear at any time.

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