10/25/2009 Admin

All Fear Starts With A Desire

All the "Fear" we have is because we anticipate losing something that we don't want to lose. This can be as simple as "I want things to stay the way they are now, I fear that things will change". Therefore, any fear we have will go away if we let go of the underlying "want" or desire.

And, we ALWAYS have the choice to let go of ANY desire.

Of course we all have desires. We have big ones and small ones. We basically have 100's of desires during a typical day. Anything from wanting to stick to our diet, to wanting to make the next green light when driving down the street.

So, if we had no desires we would have no problems! However, that is impractical, what is practical is that we can fully accept that most of our desires will not be fulfilled. This shouldn't be too hard to accept because most of our desires will not be fulfilled. Who doesn't desire to win the Lottery? Have you won yet?

Desires have levels

Our desires have levels, the "higher" the level, the more we are disappointed (and angry) if we don't get what we want. Also, the bigger the fear that is associated with it.

Yes, that is the really negative thing about desires. They automatically come with the fear. Think about it for a moment, picture a loved one, and think about something that you would want them to have that would be really important to you. For example, I would want my son to get a good education so he can have all the opportunities I have enjoyed.

Now imagine that it doesn't happen.

Welcome to fear. This fear was basically "created out of thin air". I created the desire, and automatically I created the fear that it wont happen. Since this desire is strong (lets give it a 9 on the scale of 1 to 10), the fear that it wont happen is just as strong.

What if my son does not get a good education? Can I accept that? If that is too hard to accept, can I accept it just for today? If so my fear can go away... today (I'll worry about tomorrow, well... tomorrow).

Because I can't predict the future. As you know, Stuff-Happens.

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