10/16/2009 Admin

Stuff-Happens only works "Now"

Today I was thinking about an email I sent. I sent some material in error and I figure it will be pointed out to me later. Setting aside that the only "problem" is an anticipated bruised Ego, I started to feel worried about the situation, so I just said "I screwed up, Stuff-Happens" and I got a bit of relief.

But not completely.

Darn, I want to be completely "Worry Free", so I needed to dig a bit deeper and figure out what wasn't working and most importantly, to "do something" that will make this worry, no matter how small, go away.

it was early in the morning as I walked around thinking about this, and I noticed my cat stood right in my way as I attempted to walk down the stairs. No, I did not trip and kill myself, but it was annoying that my cat decided to be in my way as I am thinking about my "problems".

Immediately irritated, I said to myself, "Cats get in you way and you have to step around them, Stuff-Happens". That problem went completely away as I stepped around my cat.

Then it occurred to me, I can "do something" about that "problem", but all I can do about the email problem is accept that I can't do anything about it.

Even though my cat stepped in my way in the "past" (my cat had been apparently sitting there all morning waiting to trip me and watch me fall down the stairs), I was dealing with the "problem" of the irritation of finding him in my way, right "Now". And, "Now" is the only time "Stuff-Happens" works.

All worry is happening now about things that are in the future

I now realize that saying "Stuff-Happens" only allows me to accept and remove any worry that is happening "Now" (actually all worry is happening "Now"). However, if I am worried that I will feel bad about something in the future, I cannot accept "that future situation", I can only accept that I can't accept "that future situation" until it happens (if ever).

Acceptance is when we have no anger at the present situation, whatever it may be.

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