2/29/2024 Admin

Fear is always related to Ego

Fear, for me, is always related to ego. To put it simply, ego represents how I want the world to perceive me. On the other hand, humility is the ability to see myself as I truly am.

So, my fear arises when I anticipate that something might challenge the way I want the world to see me. Everything else is merely a concern.

For instance:

  • I can be concerned that my work presentation won’t go well.
  • However, I am in fear when I believe that people will think less of me due to it.


  • I might be concerned if I lose my job and have to accept a new one with lower pay.
  • But I am in fear if I fear losing status because I have to adjust my standard of living.

Most importantly, I strive to avoid taking actions motivated by fear. Why? Because fear can justify anything. I can fear anything—even if that fear isn’t grounded in truth.

Interestingly, 99.9% of my fears are about the future. Yet, I cannot predict the future. Therefore, what I fear is often a fabrication.

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