9/25/2020 Admin

Fear Related To Expectations

The greatest contributor to Fear and Anxiety (a fancy word for fear) is expectations.

We expect only good things to happen to us. We expect to be treated fairly and kind. That others will only ask of us what we feel we can comfortably do.

This is why, after an episode of trauma or disappointment, we can feel calm and at peace, because these expectations have been, temporally, destroyed.

The good news, is that we have the option, the free will, to let go of these expectations as any time.

Expecting Things To Go Our Way

The biggest expectation that many of us have, at various times, is expecting to to never feel uncomfortable, for things to always go our way.

It can be said that the measure of a person's maturity is simply an indication of their general level of expectations. A person who generally does not expect a lot of the world, and of others, is considered more mature, because their attitude towards the world, and of others, is considered more realistic.

Accepting That We Will Not Always Feel Comfortable

We have a choice to accept that will will not always feel comfortable. That we *will* feel uncomfortable at times. We need not fear this and have it become a source of our anxiety.

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