3/3/2022 Admin

My Spiritual Self

Recently while reading a book, I experienced emotions as if I were the characters in the book. I realized that my life, experienced through my brain, is like the characters in the book, and the real me is reading the book.

When reading the book, my brain causes me to experience emotions like the characters in the book, but the real me is only the reader. I am actually not the characters in the book. The real me is safe, and just reading the story. Sometimes writing lines and interacting with the story, but still separate from the story, and reading this book until I reach its final page.

I have two “self’s”, my spiritual self and my brain.

My spiritual self, is the real me.

My spiritual self listens to my brain and gives (some of its) direction.

I feel fear, anger, and joy in my body.

All fear comes from emotions, triggered by my brain, that it conjures up, usually on its own, but sometimes at the direction of my spiritual self.

However, it is always my spiritual self that perceives this thought first, and transfers the perception to my brain and then it is felt inside my body.

My spiritual self does not actually feel anything. Only my body can actually feel an emotion.

This allows my focus to be able to shift to my spiritual self, to step outside of any existing situation or emotion, and direct the thoughts that cause the emotions.

My spiritual self is the part of me that has free will to direct my brain. However, my spiritual self must accept that this is the only thing it has free will over.

Discovering my spiritual self takes time. It is always there, but like a third eye, I cannot see with it until I've been educated about it.

The spiritual self is composed of my memories and my beliefs.

These beliefs, based on principles, are ever changing and grow as I, hopefully grow.

However, my spiritual self is not “God”, it does not control the world.

It must reside and respond and interact with all other things in the world.

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