3/19/2022 Admin


Being mad and annoyed by people is the number one annoying thing in the world for me.
I thought about this, and realized 100% of the things that upset me are people not acting the way I want them to.

The only way this can be alleviated by forgiveness.
If I just practice tolerance, I find that I am still annoyed, and not at peace.
Forgiveness is the only thing that can fully relieve me of the resentments and provide serenity.

I cannot change the past.
Forgiveness is something that happens now.
Because, not forgiving is a resentment.
A resentment is always re-creating the past.

I have noticed that spiritually I am still quite a child, but if I work at it, I will become more mature.
Maturity, as I have observed it in others, means the person does not have childish expectations of other people.
As I become more mature, I can be more forgiving.
I have learned that the greatest thing that brings me peace is forgiveness.

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