5/3/2022 Admin

The Fight I Should Not Be Fighting

My friends are mean to me.
My Family doesn’t understand me.
They don’t treat me fairly at work.
My city and state is incompetent.
My country is corrupt.
The nations of the world are constantly at war.
I am mad at the world, life, and at God.

My anger is from my expectations not being met.
The core of my dissatisfaction is that I feel I am better than everyone else.

Feeling that yes, you must go through pain and disappointment, but, not me.
And if I have to go through pain and disappointment, that must mean that this the world is bad.
This leads to anxiety, depression.

My only solution is to accept and surrender. No matter what I do about al these things I must first accept and surrender.
I have desires, but, that doesn’t make me right.
I am surrendering a fight, against the world, that I should not be fighting.

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