6/10/2022 Admin

Today I woke up feeling a bit off

Today I woke up feeling a bit off.

After some thought and meditation, I realized that what I was feeling was anxiety and fear.
I am grateful that after years of working on self-reflection I'm able to see and recognize what's really going on.

Now I need to think about, what is the solution?

Humility has always been the key to the doorway of any spiritual solution, so I started there first.
For me, humility reminds me that there is a God, and I'm not it.

Therefore, any “control" of anything is a nonstarter for me.
So, whatever I am trying to control, I need to surrender and let go.

And on the subject of surrender,
what am I not surrendering to?
What am I not accepting?
What am I resisting?

It is now clear to me, that my anxiety, and my fear, is a result of my resisting change.

I don’t know what the change is, but, just knowing that there will be some change in the future, something that I may (okay probably won't) like, this is what I fear, and is making anxious.

My solution is clear, don't resist. Accept.

And be grateful for everything that I do have. Be grateful for this moment.

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