7/5/2022 Admin

I Do Not Know The Will Of God

I really don’t know the Will of God. How can I? I am not God.

The reason why this question matters to me, is that when I think I do know the will of God, I become self-righteous.
While this is not a good thing for me, the other problem this causes for me, is that I dig my heals in and I declare that I am RIGHT.

I am Not Right

I have found that Humility is the key to the solution to my Anxiety and Fear.
Therefore, I am willing to *not* insist that I am right.

In my meditation, I have found that “Being Right” is a position I must defend and *all* my Anxiety and Fear comes from defending a position I feel I am right on.
I have also found that the core of my belief on “Right and Wrong” is that I feel I *know* the “Will of God”.

I need to know the will of God to follow a Higher Power, correct?
Actually, on further reflection, I don’t think I do.

I have *Opinions* and *Beliefs* on what I think the will of God is, but, am I right?

This is where Humility is helpful to me. Humility says I should see things the way they are, not the way I want them to be. Isn’t the real truth that I am a mortal human, who is fallible, and can be mistaken?

Wouldn’t I need to be God, to know the will of God?

Let Go And Surrender

So, let me let go and surrender. To not insist on being right. To only do my best to be of Service.

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