12/1/2018 Admin

Bad News

Without exception, “Bad News” is defined as ‘something unexpected’.

The power of “Acceptance” (this requires humility), is that once I ‘accept the situation’, I can move this situation from “Bad News” to “undesirable developments”.

This is an important distinction in relation to fear and possible feelings of hopelessness and depression.

Again, without exception, fear is always: ‘what I want or expect wont happen’ or ‘not being able to control my future’. For example, I expect that I should be ‘treated fairly’ and I fear that ‘it wont happen’ or that I cannot ‘make it happen’. So, when I am ‘not treated fairly’, I consider it “Bad News”.

However, I always have the option to not hold this expectation.

Therefore, I do not need to fear this situation.

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