11/24/2018 Admin

The Core Of All Depression

It occurred to me that at the core of all depression is fear. This is not that surprising, but, what may be surprising is to realize that this fear is always one thing: the fear of not being able to control the future.

I can think of no exception to this.

When this feeling becomes all consuming, blocking out the other parts of life, and affecting all perspective, it becomes depression.

Because, acceptance transcends fear. When we relinquish trying to control the future, and accept what may (or may not) happen, we no longer have to fear it. Bad things happen to us all the time, it is only the things that we resist, because we want to control, that we fear. But, it is not the thing that we fear, it is the chance that we may not be able to control the situation that is the core of our fear.

No Control Anyway

However, I realize that I do not have control anyway. Anytime I do not have acceptance, I am just being resistant. I am being immature, and I am not being humble.

The blessing is that I have a choice. I can choose to surrender and accept.

This act will deliver me from fear, and from depression.

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