8/5/2017 Admin

Am I Demonstrating Courage When I have Acceptance?

Some say that courage is being scared but doing the correct thing anyway. So perhaps it is safe to say that courage is walking through fear.

What is fear? Most would say “I know it when I see it”.

I would say that I always experience the emotion of fear when I am being resistant to some outcome. I am not accepting that this outcome may happen. This could be a fear of something as major as a cancer diagnosis, or the fear that someone will cut in front of me in line and I will be delayed an additional five minutes.

Therefore, I always have a solution, that is of Acceptance.

Acceptance is very powerful. Even for the non-believer it can be a Higher Power. Yes, it is practically impossible to do, but to Accept all things at all times, is to humble oneself, and to surrender to a power greater than oneself. What I receive from this submission is a tool that allows me to overcome any fear:

  • I can accept that negative emotions will come (and be grateful that all emotions pass – they only come back if I re-start them up by calling them back up)
  • I can accept that I will be hurt
  • I can accept that loved ones will die
  • I can accept that I will die

Therefore, can it be said that I am demonstrating courage when I have acceptance?

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