12/28/2021 - Radical Acceptance

To "Believe" that I have no control over anything. Yes, I have Free Will, but I have-no-"control" over anything. I can drop dead at any moment no matter how much I diet and exercise. It is what some describe as "Stoicism" and in Christianity as "Thy Will be Done". My day is nothing but "Adjusting to things and executing "Plan B" (and sometimes "Plan C" ect). Anything I perceive as good is simply "Blessings and Grace".

12/28/2021 - Future Pain and Uncomfortableness

In my morning meditation today where I tried to concentrate on full acceptance of everything as it is right now not to be clouded with the way I want things to be, it occurred to me that as I sit here right now, the future, which I cannot control, will contain painful and uncomfortable moments. Not that it may contain, but with all certainty it will contain. This, as with all things, I must accept. In this meditation, as will all meditations, I end it with a concentration on the things tha

7/6/2021 - Focus

It appears that I can only focus on one thing at a time. This can be a number of things to "choose from" like Fear, Anger, Joy, Depression. When I am not thinking about the number two, it does not mean that it does not exist, just that I am not focusing on it right now. However, as soon as I need to, represent in my mind, the number of apple slices I have when cutting an apple in half, the number two receives my focus. Therefore Fear requires my "Focus". When I am not thinking about it, that

9/25/2020 - Fear Related To Expectations

The greatest contributor to Fear and Anxiety (a fancy word for fear) is expectations. We expect only good things to happen to us. We expect to be treated fairly and kind. That others will only ask of us what we feel we can comfortably do. This is why, after an episode of trauma or disappointment, we can feel calm and at peace, because these expectations have been, temporally, destroyed. The good news, is that we have the option, the free will, to let go of these expectations as any time.

9/8/2020 - Affirmations

I am Grateful

I have Joy

Repeating this mantra fills the mind when it would otherwise be consumed with worries driven by anxiety...

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