9/25/2020 - Fear Related To Expectations

The greatest contributor to Fear and Anxiety (a fancy word for fear) is expectations. We expect only good things to happen to us. We expect to be treated fairly and kind. That others will only ask of us what we feel we can comfortably do. This is why, after an episode of trauma or disappointment, we can feel calm and at peace, because these expectations have been, temporally, destroyed. The good news, is that we have the option, the free will, to let go of these expectations as any time.

9/8/2020 - Affirmations

I am Grateful

I have Joy

Repeating this mantra fills the mind when it would otherwise be consumed with worries driven by anxiety...

8/20/2020 - I Deserve Nothing

I “Deserve” Nothing. I find that anxiety is always centered around the fear of not getting these things that I feel I deserve . However, I must be humble and accept that everything I do get is a Blessing . I Don’t deserve to not have bad things happen to me I Don’t deserve to not fail and look bad I Don’t deserve to have people understand me I Don’t deserve for things to go my way I Don’t deserve to not have pain, or to be sick I Don’t deserve t

7/21/2020 - It Can Always Be Worse (or how to feel Gratitude at all times)

First, see the Joy blog post. In that post Joy was described as “ A feeling of great pleasure and happiness ”. This is a desirable thing, but is is noted in the post that this required Gratitude . Gratitude can be difficult to have during difficult times, or so it would seem. Actually, it is possible to feel Gratitude at all times: We know that no matter what we are going through, things could always be worse This is always the basis for any Gratitude Gratitude requires H

7/20/2020 - Joy

Definition : A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. An emotional feeling that is the direct result of Gratitude Requires Humility Is directly related to the level of Humility Is reduced by the level of Ego Notes Gratitude : Being thankful Humility : Seeing things for as they are Ego : Seeing things as we want them to be. Seeing things by how they affect us.

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