7/29/2022 - Stuff I Want

Stuff I want To Look Good To not look Bad For no one to disappoint me For things to go my way To be happy, I need to let this stuff go and 'Accept’.

7/28/2022 - Tear Down The Mental House Of Cards

When anxiety and fear come I try to remember these principals that alleviate this: Accept the present situation completely – Do not resist accepting anything. I don’t have to like the situation, but, resistance is the majority of the problem. The biggest fear is ‘looking bad’. This must be accepted and not resisted. Don’t feel sorry for myself – Humility dictates that I should not feel that bad things should not happen to me, they happen to everyone. Don’t insist on being r

7/5/2022 - I Do Not Know The Will Of God

I really don’t know the Will of God. How can I? I am not God. The reason why this question matters to me, is that when I think I do know the will of God, I become self-righteous. While this is not a good thing for me, the other problem this causes for me, is that I dig my heals in and I declare that I am RIGHT. I am Not Right I have found that Humility is the key to the solution to my Anxiety and Fear. Therefore, I am willing to *not* insist that I am right. In my meditation, I ha

6/10/2022 - Today I woke up feeling a bit off

Today I woke up feeling a bit off. After some thought and meditation, I realized that what I was feeling was anxiety and fear. I am grateful that after years of working on self-reflection I'm able to see and recognize what's really going on. Now I need to think about, what is the solution? Humility has always been the key to the doorway of any spiritual solution, so I started there first. For me, humility reminds me that there is a God, and I'm not it. Therefore, any “control" of anyt

5/3/2022 - The Fight I Should Not Be Fighting

My friends are mean to me. My Family doesn’t understand me. They don’t treat me fairly at work. My city and state is incompetent. My country is corrupt. The nations of the world are constantly at war. I am mad at the world, life, and at God. My anger is from my expectations not being met. The core of my dissatisfaction is that I feel I am better than everyone else. Feeling that yes, you must go through pain and disappointment, but, not me. And if I have to go through pain and disap

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