2/3/2023 - Forgiveness

Forgiveness is always surrendering a resentment, accepting a situation for being exactly the way it is... 

1/12/2023 - Lack of Compassion

One thing I am guilty of is lack of compassion. Being self-centered does not allow me to recognize that bad things don't just happen to other people. If my goal in life is to be of service, there are many times I am not being of service to others when I don’t have compassion for them. I justify my behavior because I am scared and fearful. I am scared things wont go my way. I am scared there is something I want that I wont get. I am scared there is something I think I have,

12/12/2022 - Bad Things Dont Just Happen To Other People

When things don't go my way, I feel Anger (because of expectations not met), and I feel like the whole world is against me. I feel like God is against me, and I feel like things are hopeless. However, Humility reminds me that I am actually not special, and what happens to me happens to everyone. When things don't go my way, (this I define as ‘when bad things happen’), I need to dig deeper into Humility to realize that bad things happen to everyone. My purpose in life is to be of

10/23/2022 - Sent to a friend

I have felt the way you do now, so I feel I understand. For me these are feelings not fact. They will pass. Humility, more humility and being willing to pause, to wait, and let this pass. It always does. Take care!

10/11/2022 - On Happiness

I read once that a guy said happiness comes from achievement, when we accomplish something. While part of this rang true, basically this is saying: “I am happy when I get my way”. Since I am not God and I don’t control the world, there will be a lot of unhappiness for me because there are a lot of things I want to accomplish but I cannot. However, this enlightens me to the fact that I can define the ‘goalposts’ of what an achievement is for me is. I can define it as things that are in my

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