1/24/2024 - On Emotions Vs. Decisions: Fear and Faith and Anger and Hate

In our spiritual journey, understanding the nature of our emotions is vital. Fear and anger, for instance, are primal responses that often feel beyond our control. They surge within us, unbidden, in response to various stimuli. However, it's crucial to recognize that many of our emotional responses, such as hate, resentment, and even faith, are not mere reactions but choices we make. Embracing the Ephemeral Nature of Emotions A profound truth about our emotions is their transient nature. Th

10/12/2023 - My Ego is my problem

My Ego is my problem. No exceptions. My Ego is how I want the world to see me. Humility is when I see things for how they truly are. Whenever I have any problems it is related to my Ego. My Ego has expectations. All my Anger is based on an Expectation that isn't met. All my Fear is what I feel when something threatens my Ego. I can hold on to Fear, Anger and Resentments at my own peril, because I can use Fear, Anger and Resentment to Justify any bad action. The only cure is Forgivene

2/3/2023 - Forgiveness

Forgiveness is always surrendering a resentment, accepting a situation for being exactly the way it is... 

1/12/2023 - Lack of Compassion

One thing I am guilty of is lack of compassion. Being self-centered does not allow me to recognize that bad things don't just happen to other people. If my goal in life is to be of service, there are many times I am not being of service to others when I don’t have compassion for them. I justify my behavior because I am scared and fearful. I am scared things wont go my way. I am scared there is something I want that I wont get. I am scared there is something I think I have,

12/12/2022 - Bad Things Dont Just Happen To Other People

When things don't go my way, I feel Anger (because of expectations not met), and I feel like the whole world is against me. I feel like God is against me, and I feel like things are hopeless. However, Humility reminds me that I am actually not special, and what happens to me happens to everyone. When things don't go my way, (this I define as ‘when bad things happen’), I need to dig deeper into Humility to realize that bad things happen to everyone. My purpose in life is to be of

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