10/23/2022 - Sent to a friend

I have felt the way you do now, so I feel I understand. For me these are feelings not fact. They will pass. Humility, more humility and being willing to pause, to wait, and let this pass. It always does. Take care!

10/11/2022 - On Happiness

I read once that a guy said happiness comes from achievement, when we accomplish something. While part of this rang true, basically this is saying: “I am happy when I get my way”. Since I am not God and I don’t control the world, there will be a lot of unhappiness for me because there are a lot of things I want to accomplish but I cannot. However, this enlightens me to the fact that I can define the ‘goalposts’ of what an achievement is for me is. I can define it as things that are in my

9/4/2022 - A Universal Appeal

I have found that people who have, and radiate Gratitude , have universal attractiveness and appeal. Some think that confidence is appealing, and it is, to some extent, but, it is not seen as universally appealing by most people. When looking at this in the opposite way, it is clear that people who who complain a lot, and are angry and bitter, are definitely not seen as attractive or appealing. Why Should We Care? If my purpose in life is to be of service, being appealing to others, is c

7/29/2022 - Stuff I Want

To Look Good To not look Bad For no one to disappoint me For things to go my way To be happy, I need to let this stuff go and 'Accept’.

7/28/2022 - Tear Down The Mental House Of Cards

When anxiety and fear come I try to remember these principals that alleviate this: Accept the present situation completely – Do not resist accepting anything. I don’t have to like the situation, but, resistance is the majority of the problem. The biggest fear is ‘looking bad’. This must be accepted and not resisted. Don’t feel sorry for myself – Humility dictates that I should not feel that bad things should not happen to me, they happen to everyone. Don’t insist on being r

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